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45 On The Rocks: A Lookbook Inspired by Rock 'n' Roll Legends

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Embrace the raw energy and rebellious spirit of rock 'n' roll with the "45 On The Rocks" lookbook. Curated with an eye for edgy aesthetics and classic musical influences, this collection pays tribute to some of the biggest legends in the history of rock music. With each phase, we channel different facets of the genre, creating unique looks that resonate with the rock ethos

Lookbook Phase One: Classic Rock

Capture the timeless essence of classic rock in this sophisticated yet rebellious look:

  • Turtleneck: Kenneth Cole

  • Graphic Tee: fringe + co

  • Denim: J. Crew

  • Boots: Kenneth Cole

  • Bag: Kenneth Cole

  • Hat: Local treasure

  • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

This phase marries chic fashion with rugged rock spirit, perfect for a night out in the city or a backstage pass to your favorite concert.

Lookbook Phase Two: The Bohemian Rocker

Embrace your inner bohemian rock goddess with this laid-back and free-spirited ensemble:

  • Blouse: she

  • Top: she

  • Denim Shorts: Sourced locally

  • Boots: Kenneth Cole

  • Sunglasses: KREWE

This relaxed yet stylish look reflects the poetic side of rock, resonating with festival vibes and open-air concerts.

Lookbook Phase Three: Urban Rock Chic

Channel the contemporary, urban edge of modern rock with this daring and bold outfit:

  • Sweater: she

  • Maxi Top: Handpicked local find

  • Vegan Leather Leggings: she

  • Boots: Kenneth Cole

  • Sunglasses: she

With a blend of eco-conscious materials and sleek design, this phase screams city chic, making it perfect for club hopping or contemporary art galleries.

Lookbook Phase Four: The Vintage Rock Revival

Transport yourself back to the golden age of rock with this vintage-inspired ensemble:

  • Kimono: she

  • Top: she

  • Denim: Target

  • Boots: Kenneth Cole

  • Hat: she

Combining the romance of a bygone era with today's fashion sensibilities, this look is all about nostalgia and class, ideal for vinyl record shopping or a retro-themed party.



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