At Home Teeth Whitening: Does It Work?

A Smile Brilliant 3-month review.

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Having spent almost 60k on dental work has made me have high standards for anything teeth care related. Smile Brilliant is an at-home teeth whitening kit that customizes trays for optimal results.

Having had a professional whitening done, I decided to compare the two and see which one made the biggest difference.

Professional Whitening vs Smile Brilliant

Compared to other inexpensive teeth whitening treatments, Smile Brilliant uses trays similar to that of a dentist's office.

A typical whitening at the dentist's office takes 2-3hrs, each session consisting of a teeth whitener against a UV light for 30 minutes. They made me aware that out of five sessions most patients make it through the first three to four; I was able to make it to the first 10 minutes of the fifth session.

That being said, they charge the same price whether or not you complete all five sessions aside from paying separately for two trays to keep whitening at home. Not to mention how extremely sensitive your teeth are days after the procedure.

Total cost: About $1,000

Smile Brilliant sends a starter package with detailed instructions on how to make the molds for the trays aside from sending the whitening and sensitive treatment. They provide a label to send back the molds to create trays to start the whitening process.

Use on a daily basis for a couple of weeks, or take a break in between sessions, and the whitening treatment should be comparable to that of a professional.

Both feature a whitening and sensitive cream for at-home treatments. Both feature personalized trays for optional results. I rather use Smile Brilliant after my 6-month cleaning than pay a THOUSAND DOLLARS for a professional whitening because you can better manage the sensitivity.

Total Cost: Varies on treatment, between $139 - $169 for a one-time-fee.

My Review



Before and After Comparison

The biggest difference I've seen are the stains around the gum disappear.

My teeth have been pretty white over the years, but a slight yellow tone would come in between each tooth, which has disappeared after a few weeks of testing Smile Brilliant.

Thank you to Smile Brilliant for giving me an opportunity to try this kit, if you're interest in learning more click here and receive 15% off with code: sarahmariana15.

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