T.V. show of the week: Bob's Burgers

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

I'm more of a Gene mixed with Linda.

Champions TV Show on NBC

On a Sunday evening I discovered this show after a football game, now it's part of my evening routine.

Everyone's personality is different and all characters have great dialogue making their merch perfect gifts for holidays and birthdays.

For the Gene

Know someone that gives bold and colorful comments?

Gift them a sunshade that will make others look twice for only $16.90.

For the Tina

Know some that likes to chill with family and friends?

Gift them the JENGA set that will have everyone talking for $29.95.

For the Linda

Know someone that likes wine as much as Linda?

Gift them the tee that sums up their everyday for $21.99.

For the Bob

Know someone that is serious about cooking?

Gift them the gift of compliments with this burger set for $11.19.

For the Louise

Know someone that has a presence when entering the room?

Gift them a case that will intimidate everyone for $17.50.

Which character are you?



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