Lesson of the day: Chicory Coffee

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

A coffee a day makes me happy always.

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History according to Orleans Coffee:

"Exactly when the root (chicory) was first roasted to be used as a coffee substitute is unclear. There are references to the use of wild chicory root as a coffee additive in colonial America. It is known that its use in this form was widespread in France after Napoleon initiated the ‘Continental Blockade’ in 1808, which deprived the French of most of their coffee. When the blockade was lifted the French continued to use chicory as an additive because they believed it was good for one’s health and improved the flavor of coffee. In the 19th century its use as a coffee additive and substitute became widespread in France and areas of French cultural influence like Louisiana."

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How to make Cafe Au Lait

It's hot coffee with hot milk added. Make sure to use chicory coffee for a Louisiana experience.

It's that easy y'all.



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