Welcome Dazey LA

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

"Slow Fashion" you'll want to wait for.

Oscar the Grouch sesame street laws and uniqlo collaboration with textured stripe paper bag waist pants

My ideal outfit lies between the realm of athleisure and coffeeshop. I dedicated a whole day to t-shirts because I've been collecting them for years.

I found a company called Dazey LA on Instagram and became obsessed with their designs.

I am proud to announced that I am an affiliate with Dazey LA.

Dazey's mission is to empower women.

Danielle Nagel is a young designer and photographer who dreamt of combining all her passions into one project, this project became the brand known as Dazey LA.

The in-house brand is comprise of graphic art apparel hand drawn and made to order. This "slow fashion" process minimizes waste and makes a positive impact on the environment.

Dazey has a Lady Shop, a curated collection of apparel and accessories by entrepreneurial women. Each item has a story about the designer and the journey to create it, so the customer knows how the design came about.

Receive 10% off every purchase on Dazey LA

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