Everyday Makeup Look

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

An everyday look featuring prestige brands vs their dupes.

Everyday makeup battle between high end products and their drugstore dupes

I'm not a makeup artist, I'm just blogging in real time. This week I will put my 22 years of makeup obsession to the test. Battling will be prestige brands vs their dupes to determine which one performs best.

Is it worth it to save money or splurge on makeup? LET'S FIND OUT.

Sarah's Scientific Method

In order to draw a conclusion I will prep my face, do my eyebrows, and use the same tools to give each product an even field.


  1. Blend foundation using the Crown large round buffer brush.

  2. Spread concealer using that same buffer brush.

  3. Apply setting powder with MAC's 150 synthetic large powder brush.

  4. Brush off the powder and spread throughout the face with Aesthetica's P12 brush.

  5. Apply contour at an angle and bronzer in circular motion with Milani's powder/bronzer brush.

  6. Apply blush using Luxie's 660 precision foundation brush.

  7. Apply highlight with Colourpop's F17 brush.

  8. Blend eyeshadow using BH Cosmetics Essential 7 piece brush set and Morphe R37 blending brush.

  9. Apply mascara and finish up with Colourpop's Arriba! ultra matte lip.

My $286 Face

Products Used

$40 Foundation: Dior

$27 Concealer: Tarte

$30 Setting Powder: Too Faced

$30 Contour: Pur

$30 Bronzer: Too Faced

$34 Blush: Kosas

$28 Highlight: Anastasia Beverly Hills

$45 Palette: Manny MUA x MakeupGeek

$22 Mascara: Ciate

My $111 Face

Wet N Wild, Colourpop, Maybelline, Burts Bess

Products Used

$30 Foundation Mix: Physicians Formula

$10 Concealer: Maybelline

$9 Setting Powder: Colourpop

$5 Contour: Wet N Wild

$15 Bronzer: Physicians Formula

$10 Blush: Burt's Bees

$5 Highlight: Wet N Wild

$16 Palette: Kathleen Lights x Colourpop

$11 Mascara: Physicians Formula

The results are in and the winner is...

Everyday makeup look with red lip and yellow collard top featuring blue and white palm trees

The Dupes

I liked the overall look of the dupes, but my favorite foundation was Dior because of the shade range including a collection for OLIVE SKIN!

The Dream Team:

Grand Total: $197 + Dior Foundation = $237!

Comment below with your favorite side and makeup products.

If you would like video tutorials let me know!

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