Fashionably Injured

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

I'm just blogging in real time and this week I fell taking out the trash... LITERALLY.

Legs on car interior over the Mandeville Causeway in New Orleans

On my day off I was being productive and taking out my trash when I tripped over an edge and fell flat on the ground.

I've dislocated my knee before, so the first thing I did was wiggle my toes and move my legs. Everything seemed fine until I saw the large scrape on my bleeding leg.

Injure leg with brace boot, bruises and scabs

The next day I couldn't walk, sleep, shower or dress by myself.

I had to choose between crutches or a cane, I chose a cane of course. I had to ice and keep my left foot elevated while supporting my swollen right leg. I had a hair appointment I couldn't reschedule. So what do you wear when one leg is scraped and the other one has two braces? It took me a while, but I think I figured it out, and I'm ready to share it with y'all.

The infamous wide leg jumpsuit

I bought this jumpsuit at Funky Monkey on Magazine Street, my mom loved it so much that I gave it to her. Then I found it at SHE, a boutique on Metairie Road and have been wearing it ever since. It has everything I want in a jumpsuit: short sleeve, wide leg, v-neck, and lightweight. It's wide enough to wear bandages and braces without anyone noticing.

T-shirt dresses

The most comfortable outfit I wore this week was any t-shirt dress outfit with boots. They're lightweight and easy to put on without moving too much.

My favorite is Armoire Boutique's button up dress. They carry the style year-round in different colors, I have four of them and a possible fifth.


These Kenneth Cole boots have functional zippers on each side, which allowed me to wear two braces at once. I've had these for three years and they have been through a 16hr shift full of inventory and shipment.

These are also my cool rain boots, and even though they are not available on the website, these will make a close second.

Are you ok Sarah?

Went to the chiropractor and they didn't find anything serious. My swelling has gone down so much that I probably will be able to walk without a cane TODAY! I recovered quickly because I rested and treated the injuries early on.

I have a photoshoot scheduled on Tuesday and I'm excited to debut my new hair. Make sure to follow me on INSTA to see what I look like now.



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