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Gen Z and the Future of Digital Marketing: Embracing Generative AI

We are witnessing a profound shift in the world of digital marketing as Gen Z faces the emergence of generative AI. This technological revolution, integrating across industries, offers both opportunities and challenges for the young marketers of today. Let’s delve into their perceptions, apprehensions, and how they're preparing for a future defined by innovation.

Gen Z with pastel pink crewneck sweater and beaded multicolor necklace

A Fear Of Being Irrelevant

Generative AI platforms, including ChatGPT and DALL-E, are transforming the e-commerce landscape. Young digital marketers are conscious of these changes and the potential threat to traditional roles.

Haley Pistole, a Strategic Communications Major at WSUV, shares her apprehension: “With AI platforms emerging and their easy accessibility, I often worry about my career no longer being relevant.”

Embracing Structural Changes

The key to success in the constantly evolving e-commerce space lies in embracing change and adopting relevant new technologies.

Haley Brown, another Strategic Communications Major, stresses, “We all need to be prepared to learn and adapt to these changes.”

Creativity and Judgment: The Human Edge

While AI might automate certain practices, human ingenuity and discernment remain irreplaceable.

Faith Prom, an Integrated Strategic Communications major, believes in the human edge: “Creativity, experiences, values, and judgment—important characteristics no robot can replicate.”

The Opportunities Ahead

Despite potential risks, many in Gen Z are excited about the promise of AI in crafting personalized marketing messages and enhancing customer experiences.

Vera Nikolaychuk, a Digital Technology and Culture Major, expresses her enthusiasm: “I’m constantly exploring how technology and creativity can merge to create unique and engaging digital experiences.”

As the future of e-commerce and various other industries hang in balance with new technologies, it's reassuring to witness the thoughtful approach of our future marketers.

Strategic communications professor and agency owner, Tina Mulqueen, sums it up: “Generative AI can redefine how we use our time and serve as a powerful medium for human creativity.”

Generative AI may not replace human capital, but it certainly is redefining the digital marketing landscape. The success of future marketing lies in the hands of those who are ready to adapt, innovate, and leverage these tools creatively. Gen Z's perspective on the integration of AI and creativity will likely shape the future of digital marketing in unparalleled ways.



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