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Ethical Gifting: Spotlight on GOODS THAT MATTER

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Growing up in Puerto Rico, monthly coffee and artisan festivals were a significant part of my life. We, as a community, took pride in recognizing local entrepreneurs, appreciating the meticulous craft behind their products. Fast forward to today, living in the vibrant city of New Orleans, I find echoes of my past in the blooming local businesses, especially those making a difference socially and environmentally.

Goods that Matter candles and bug spray

One entrepreneur capturing my heart and aligning with my ethos of supporting businesses for good is Tippy Tippens. She’s the genius behind GOODS THAT MATTER, Louisiana’s premier Benefit Corporation. Here’s a closer look at this eco-conscious brand that seamlessly marries sustainability with social responsibility.

GOODS THAT MATTER: Where Gifts Give Back

This brand is a beacon for sustainability enthusiasts. Every handcrafted item sold by them ensures 10% of the proceeds are directed towards diverse, impactful causes. With the festive season upon us, here are some of their standout products that I believe make meaningful presents:

REUNION Candle: Infused with bail, tea, and mint and beautifully contained in a recycled jar. Priced at $38, this soy and beeswax candle, with a longevity of 50 hours, contributes towards RAICES, an initiative reuniting children with families at the U.S. border. Discover RAICES.

REBUILD Candle: This variant holds a special place in my heart. While its aroma captivates with jasmine, its mission is even more powerful. It contributes to United for Puerto Rico, aiding relief from the devastations of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Supporting a brand that stands with Puerto Rico means the world to me, as it extends a hand to my friends and family back home. Find out how to support Puerto Rico.

HOPE Candle: A blend of rosemary and mint, this candle aids the Sierra Club Foundation, pioneers in climate solutions and conservation. Explore Sierra Club's work.

Natural Mosquito and Bug Spray: For just $10, you get an all-natural repellent, brimming with essential oils. Proceeds from sales aid The National Park Service in maintaining our treasured national parks. See your local park's initiatives.

The Story Behind Goods That Matter

Goods that Matter, a leading eco-friendly design brand based in the U.S., offers a unique shopping experience for those passionate about sustainable products. Every item in our collection not only boasts impeccable design but also carries a deeper purpose. With 10% of every sale directly supporting global health, happiness, and sustainability causes, our brand resonates with eco-conscious shoppers looking for high-quality American-made goods.

As Louisiana's pioneering Benefit Corporation, we're proudly setting new standards in the industry by combining exceptional design, social responsibility, and environmental care. Tippy Tippens, our visionary founder, has been a beacon for social entrepreneurship, emphasizing the seamless blend of environmental mindfulness with influential social narratives. Under her leadership and the guidance of our esteemed board, Goods that Matter has earned accolades and trust, further solidified by our MIA Project certification, a mark of authentic craftsmanship.



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