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Happy Hour Lookbook: Casual Chic Styles for the 8-to-5 Professional

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Casual Chic Styles for the 8-to-5 Professional, Featuring Kenneth Cole, Madewell, and More

Embrace the perfect fusion of wine-and-cheese-inspired elegance with our "Happy Hour Lookbook." Designed for the 8-to-5 professional, this lookbook features relaxed yet chic styles that blend comfort with sophistication. Explore four phases of effortless fashion, curated with renowned brands like Kenneth Cole, Madewell, Vintage, and others.

Lookbook Phase One: Classic Elegance

  • Striped Blouse: MIA Boutique: An embodiment of timeless grace.

  • Graphic Tee: She: Trendy casual flair.

  • Necklace: Forever21: The perfect subtle accent.

  • Pants: Vintage: An ode to classic sophistication.

  • Boots: Kenneth Cole: Durability meets style.

  • Bag: Vintage: Complete the ensemble with a chic carry-all.

Lookbook Phase Two: Urban Edge

  • Bomber Jacket: MIA Boutique: Laid-back cool for the city professional.

  • Graphic Tee: Hot Topic: Edgy designs for a bold statement.

  • Jewelry: EveilleJewelry: Contemporary accents for any outfit.

  • Denim: Wildflower Boutique: Style and comfort combined.

  • Boots: Kenneth Cole: A wardrobe staple.

  • Hat: MIA Boutique: The final touch of modern chic.

Lookbook Phase Three: Minimalist Grace

  • Top: BDFFRNT: Simple elegance for effortless style.

  • Denim: Madewell: Quality meets everyday fashion.

  • Boots: Kenneth Cole: A seamless blend with any outfit.

  • Watch: Daniel Wellington: Timeless elegance on your wrist.

Lookbook Phase Four: Eclectic Charm

  • Denim Jacket: Vintage: A versatile piece for any wardrobe.

  • Set: Couleur + Blinde: Playful vibrance for a standout look.

  • Necklaces: Eveille Jewelry: Expressive pieces for personal flair.

  • Boots: Kenneth Cole: Consistent quality across the collection.

  • Watch: Daniel Wellington: A symbol of sophistication.

  • Bag: She: Complement your look with a fashionable finish.

The Happy Hour Lookbook celebrates the synergy between casual elegance and professional style. Inspired by life's greatest indulgences like wine and cheese, these four phases offer a versatile and fashionable wardrobe for the modern professional. Explore the collection today and find the style that resonates with you.



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