How I cleared my skin in six months

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Everything I knew about skincare was out the window.

Since my teens I have struggled with breakouts that leave scarring behind. For the most part, they are inflamed and painful tempting me to pop them every once in a while. The common thread was that the breakouts would occur in the same spots.

The last six months I took major steps to better my skincare and it has improved. How did I get to this point? Let us find out.

Let's get physical

My body was changing for the worst and thought I had a major disease.

I had terrible migraines, nausea, and tiredness so I got my annual physical and bloodwork done. I was diagnosed with stress, anxiety, and vitamin D deficiency. After months of taking prescription vitamins, I had a blueprint for my health goals. I go to the therapist once a week and have focus on getting most nutrients through my diet.

Speaking of vitamins

Since my doctor's visit I have tried many vitamins for daily use.

Olly vitamins have worked the best. I picked up the Undeniable Beauty and saw my nails grow in two weeks, intrigued I followed to try the rest of the brand. To my surprise, the gummy vitamins have been working and can be taken on an empty stomach-- even for those susceptible to nausea.

Did you know...

Most breakouts and wrinkles are cause by the sun.

I was mind blown when the dermatologist said that my breakouts looked normal, I just needed to wear SPF on a daily basis. I prefer Neutrogena Hydro Boost because the gel formula is lightweight and does not clog pores.


Changed my skincare routine.

This micellar water does not leave an oily residue and it is safe for the eye area. I use it before cleansing at night to deconstruct the day's gunk. It is the best to remove waterproof makeup in LITERALLY one swipe. In the morning, I substituted my cleanser for Bioderma to retain some of the natural oils before moisturizing and SPF.

Relax and do it

Massage your way to smooth skin.

I found out about Mindful Rituals because of the rose quartz facial roller on their Instagram. It became my skincare must-have. Once moisturized, I use the facial massager to help everything sink into the skin. For better results, place roller in the fridge for a cool massage to reduce inflammation.

Good circulation helps build collagen, and a good massage helps build my self esteem.


My skin has changed overtime and I have adjusted my skincare routine to better serve those dry patches and breakouts. I would like to reduce texture and diminish scarring, so I schedule an appointment every 6 to 8 weeks at a spa that helps get my skin into a rebuilding routine.

Last Bonus Tip: Take a look at your makeup and how it sits on your skin.

That's how I discovered my dry patches which prompted me a visit to the dermatologist.

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