How to find a make-up artist for your special event

CC gives us the 101 on what to look for and questions to be asked.

It's January which means Mardi Gras Ball season is upon us, if you don't live in New Orleans then wedding season is upon us. Maybe you are an expert in the world of Youtube Beauty Gurus but opt for a professional for a big event.

New Orleans native Cecilia "CC" Rojas has all the answers: "What questions should I ask?, Do I bring in my foundation?, Will I ever be snatched?"

I sat down with Cece for a session hours before my best friend's wedding to chat about everything beauty related.

And yes, I did wear my Azazie bridesmaid dress for the wedding.

Finding a make-up artist

Location is key and so is budget.

Pick a desired location for the session to be conducted. Maybe it's at home, at a wedding venue, or you prefer going to the beauty shop; either way, make sure to specify location before hiring a professional make-up artist. Some may travel only if more than two or three services are performed, so be on the lookout for what is included on a package to avoid additional fees.

CC Tip: If you are planning a wedding make sure to emphasize whether you prefer a professional to provide the services or have the party do their own make-up. This will make the bridal party look cohesive in photos instead of half of the party looking overly done.

What to ask a make-up artist

Talk about your skin and your biggest fears.

It's not therapy session, just an interview. Talk about your skincare routine and how your skin behaves throughout the day to choose the ideal products for a long lasting look. Mention what are your biggest challenges with make-up and what you would like as a final product. During my session with Cece I emphasize a glowy J.LO look, meaning she could go heavy handed on highlight but choose a satin or matte foundation for the base.

CC Tip: Let the artist know what attire you will be wearing. If you are wearing a strapless dress, make sure to match the foundation to the chest and arms instead of the neck. Every person has different undertones throughout their body, make sure to match the one you'll be showcasing in photos.

The Final Look

Give your honest opinion, there is time to fix mistakes.

Most artists provide a trial session for a discounted price to see a final look, if this is the case emphasize what you don't like in order to choose a better option. Maybe the foundation is to dark or too light, the lashes are too heavy, the brows too dark, or the contour too strong. Communicate clearly for best results and take a photo to see how it looks on camera.

CC Tip: Bring lots of photos to showcase what is your ideal finished look. When I had my session with Cece, I had already presented her with looks and pictures. With no trial session, she was able to achieve the look I wanted because I was SPECIFIC with details.

Best practices

  • Plan the schedule ahead so there's time to fix mistakes.

  • Wear a shirt that matches the color of your outfit for best results.

  • Test the make-up in different lights to make sure you are pleased with the final look.

Thank you to CC for the bridal look, make sure to follow her on Instagram for bookings and inspo looks.



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