How To Pair Separates For Work

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Introducing my closet featuring random socks I should wash and an array of 3-year-old shoes. No need to spend money when you have a closet full of items that haven't seen the light of day. I've gathered my favorite tips to style pieces for work.

I provide you the building blocks.

Because there is no right or wrong way to styling, I would suggest practicing with a few of my tips to figure out your comfort level.

Layer Up

An outfit becomes casual when there is no attention to detail. A graphic tee with denim would be good enough for Trader Joe's. Now add a cardigan with stripes, hat, and neutral boot to elevate the casual outfit to work appropriate attaire.

Want a tailored look?

A vegan leather moto jacket is structured enough to stay in place while running errands, opt for comfortable shoes for a busy day at work.

Tone down an evening look

I've learned how to style sequin thanks to the crescent city.

In New Orleans it's okay to wear a sequin jumpsuit for brunch, so my recommendation is to let that be the statement piece. Above you will see the evening tank paired with a white blazer and black denim. Letting the garment be the only standout piece will help transition that New Year's outfit into a manager approved vestment.

Choose only ONE cozy piece

You have a busy day ahead and are already stressed out. On those days, I opt for one cozy piece to feel comfortable enough to relax during breaks. That item is joggers, stretchy with pockets it allows me to carry items around the office while having my hands free for coffee. Dress it up by choosing traditional work separates like a blazer to let everyone know you mean business.

A Chelsea boot would be a great addition to any wardrobe if your looking for a casual shoe that doesn't need to be tied throughout the day.

The infamous piece

So you have an awesome strapless top that you wore all summer, your coworker raised the temperature on the A/C and now you're sweating wishing you had that top on.

What do you do?

Get you a wrap top! A coat or blazer is lined meaning it will restrict movement and likely to store body odor throughout the day. A cotton wrap top better absorbs the sweat so one sees that summer top from that one photo.

Try these tips and comment below with your outcome.

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