How to style accessories for an outfit

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Dust off your jewelry box and put it to good use.

Overtime everyone has acquired jewelry pieces that have never seen the light of day. Jewelry is not just for special occasions, it can casually up your game.

Stack with Ease

Stack accessories with a similar finish for impact.

A casual striped jumpsuit against stacks of gold jewelry contrast each other enough to highlight design details. Think of your outfit as the living room for your jewelry, what accents create a cohesive look?

Fill in the gaps

You wear a v-neck top with shorts to brunch and it looks like you just got out a bed; so what's wrong?

Styling means maximizing a look to best fit your personality, maybe layered necklaces is not your thing but hats sure are. Accessorize the "gap" in your outfit using accessories that speak to your style.

Styling tip

Having a bad hair day? wear a hat.

Forgot your SPF? wear a hat.

Found your parent's hat? wear THAT hat.

Additional styling tips available on Insta Stories.



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