How to style for work

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Tips on how to stay on trend whether you have a dress code or not.

When working being comfortable is the most important, when you have a dress code things can get complicated. What if you have no dress code at all or work in retail like me?

Over time I have experimented and discovered these five easy tips when preparing for a long day at work:

Invest in a good backpack

Messenger bags block the aerodynamic speed when walking to work, besides you need your hands for coffee.

I look for zippers and compartments for computers and snacks. Then, I look for a classic cut with a handle to pick up the bag easily from the locker. Finally, neutral colors are best unless you're like me and prefer a bold color to easily spot your backpack.

Spice up your all black dress code

Look for small details such as lace trim and zippers for an outfit with attitude.

When wearing an all black look I want basics with a twist. Layering is the perfect addition to any outfit, opt in for a vest during the summer and blazer for the fall. If your company allows it, add a simple necklace with a pendant or geometric detail to let others know you mean business.

Prevent a plumber crack at work

Doing a lot of walking or shipment at work? A Jumpsuit will be your best friend.

I look for a soft and breathable material, like rayon or cotton, when shopping for a jumpsuit. Second. I look for pockets; yes, you need those to store your keys or breath mints. I prefer a skinny leg to tuck it inside boots or style it with sneakers.

Clip it and work it

There's a reason why they have been so popular over the years

You get a new haircut and it's perfect for work, then humidity hits you once you step outside the door. Game over... Not really! Be on the look out for cute clips to style your messy hair into a messy bun. I prefer a hair clip because it can be style as a halfway up-do if I want to change it up middday.

Be creative in an industry that requires it

I have styled this top three different ways.

This oversized button up can be French tucked with denim, worn backward, or worn backward with a harness. Working as a visual merchandiser I prefer to experiment with accessories to show that I have an eye for detail.

What tips and tricks have you learned over the years?

Share it below and let me know if any of my tips worked for you.



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