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Celebrating Latinx Spirit with Jen Zeano Designs

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Embrace the essence of free-spirited individuality with Texas-based lifestyle brand, Jen Zeano Designs (JZD).

Being Latina means being different shades of Morena. We created this tee because being any tone of Morena is beautiful and the shade of our skin does not define our cultural significance.  We are Morenas and proud.  3 Morena Shades/Pink Outline  Unisex Fit 100% cotton  Screenprinted in Brownsville, TX

As an enthusiastic affiliate, I'm thrilled to showcase a brand that resonates with the Latina spirit, echoing familiar sayings like "no pasó nada". My commitment to small businesses, especially local and Latinx-owned, finds a harmonious match in JZD. Let's journey through the heart of this brand...

Jen Zeano Designs: Crafting Identity, Celebrating Roots

JZD isn't just a brand; it's a message. Established to empower, it whispers of ancestors cheering us on, binding communities and celebrating daily cultura. The inception of JZD in 2016 sprouted from a need for powerful representation. Its iconic Pink Latina Power Tee soon echoed the sentiments of many, making them realize the latent power in community and cultural connection.

2014 marked the monumental union of founders Jen and Vero, both in matrimony and business. With limited resources but boundless spirit, they embarked on the JZD journey. Their path wasn't without challenges; from pawning personal items to pulling all-nighters, their relentless spirit bore fruit when powerful Latinas sported JZD Tees, amplifying the brand.

As 2017 unfolded, so did JZD's online presence, marking its digital footprint. Their dynamic adaptation to digital platforms, especially Instagram, helped them foster a community that's authentic and engaged. Every product, every collection, mirrors the feedback of this community, making it a collaborative tapestry of experiences.

Vero's transition to JZD in 2018 wasn't just a business move; it was a pivot for mental well-being. As an advocate for immigrant children, her role was invaluable yet emotionally exhausting. Now, as part of the resilient JZD duo, she reinforces the brand's mission alongside Jen. Their personal stories - Jen's migration from Mexico at 7 and Vero's life as a first-generation Mexican-American - encapsulate struggles and triumphs, enriching the brand's narrative.

Fast forward to 2021, JZD, now a vibrant team of six, stands as a testament to perseverance, vision, and community spirit. Evolving and expanding, this Queer Latina-owned lifestyle brand beckons a future as luminous as its legacy.

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