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Maximize Your Wardrobe: 25 Unique Outfits from Just Five Sets

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Save your money on basics. Instead, invest in sets that you can effortlessly mix and match with pieces already in your closet.

Organizing my closet by outfits saves me time—roughly equivalent to munching on bread and butter during a makeup routine. You may not follow the same method, but everyone has closet basics that can be revitalized with a few eye-catching prints. One simple strategy is purchasing comfortable sets that flatter your figure. The objective? To grab and go with any item from your closet before the queue at Hansen's Sno-Bliz Shop gets too long. Believe it or not, just five sets can create 25 unique outfits. Add in your basics, and you've got a summer wardrobe ready to dazzle.

How I styled the sets with pants

How I styled the sets with shorts

Let's repeat the mantra: comfort and fit, comfort and fit. Once you set it and don't forget it.

If you find a set that you absolutely adore, consider buying the same one in a different color. Start viewing clothing as an investment, asking questions like, "Does it fit well?", "Do I feel comfortable in it?", "Is it within my budget?" Maximize your wardrobe!

Before making a purchase, do your homework—money doesn't grow on trees, after all. Explore thrift shops, consignment stores, even your friend's closets (they might have items they're willing to donate).

Outfit Details

Canary palm print set:

Couleur + Blindé

Grey stars set:

Mia Boutique

All pink culotte set:

Armoire Boutique

All white textured set:

Top: Armoire Boutique

Bottom: Mia Boutique

All navy and olive lounge sets (it's the same set in different colors):

Mia Boutique

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