Men’s Spring 2020 Trends

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

You might have to take a trip down South for a few of these coveted pieces.

New York Market opened its doors to buyers from all over country preparing for Spring 2020.

For one week brands like Zegna, Canali, Golden Goose, Paul Smith, and Ted Baker among others showcased a staple created in New Orleans, a Caribbean favorite, and the one item that transcends any generation.

Seersucker is making a comeback

From suits to shirts, this fabric is taking over collections like Haspel in Lake Pontchartain.

Everyone from high end to casual brands introduced seersucker into their staple collections. Bright colors complemented the color story for Spring.

Look forward to this trend extending its tentacles to the mainstream in the upcoming year especially with casual wear.

Sneakers are the new black

With major changes in the workforce comes new footwear, in this case comfort rules.

The workforce is trending at a casual rate and brands have noticed. First came suits, then came sporcoats, then came long sleeves with its sneaker and 5-pocket pant carriage.

What is special about these high end sneakers is the production value in Napa Leather with most being made in Italy.

Even The Wall Street Journal wrote about this emerging trend.

Cuban collar is here to stay

Brands are opening their archives to vintage styles.

No need to accessorize with the flamboyant patterns of a Cuban collar, lightweight for humidity and cool enough to roll up your sleeves like Miami Vice circa 1989.

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