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My $4 Pants: Beginner's Guide to Styling Bold Fashion Pieces

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

There's always that one piece in your wardrobe—a real bargain, yet seemingly impossible to pair with anything else.

Here's the story of my $4 pants and how we found a fashion-forward happy ending.

Walking down in Loft $4 ankle floral pants and Marrow Creative sequin shift sleeve top
$4 LOFT Ankle Floral Pants

Imagining yourself rocking a faux suede fringe jacket for brunch, or wearing American flag shorts while shopping can be a challenge. Yet, the secret lies in balancing such a bold piece by pairing it with neutral items—or going all-in for a trendy, bold look. I found the perfect ankle crop pant (shown above) at LOFT's incredible 50% OFF Seasonal Sale for just $4. The price made me love them, but it left me wondering how to style them.

Read on for a comprehensive beginner's guide to styling bold fashion pieces like these, without exhausting your shopping energy.

Begin by selecting basic items that harmonize with the undertone of your statement piece.

Determine if the garment possesses a cool, neutral, or warm undertone. This clever trick to highlight your piece is the secret behind the merchandising success of every brick-and-mortar store.

Consider undertones as day and night: warm and peachy for the day, cool and blue for the night, and a neutral undertone that pairs well with everything. Craft your outfit by matching your statement piece with items from your closet of the same undertone. Displayed above is a graphic tee, adorned with yellow and pink sequins that accentuate the floral detail on the pants. This combination brings a sense of luxury to the outfit.

Best advice ever: get comfy with it

Choose accompanying pieces that provide the same comfort as pajamas. This ensures you can wear and showcase the garments with confidence.

Retail customers often seek advice, are shown an outfit by the salesperson, and make a purchase. However, the items often get returned a week later. Why? Simply because the customer felt uneasy with the style or size. The problem lies in the lack of the right questions being asked by both the salesperson and the customer, and this principle applies when pairing items from your own closet too.

***Editor's Note: pick items comfortable enough to get adjusted at the chiropractor's office without losing your sense of cool (pictured below).

New Orleans fashion blogger Sarah Mariana fashionably laying down at the American Back Institute
Sarah Mariana at the chiropractor's wearing the $4 LOFT Ankle Floral Pants

Embrace the art of mixing patterns if you aim for an outfit that turns heads or invites compliments from kind strangers.

If your statement piece is textured, consider adding another texture. If it's patterned, why not incorporate another pattern?

Often, a friendly chat with a stranger can brighten their day, so why not receive a compliment for your style at the same time? That's the story of my life. My edgy, standout outfits are so eye-catching that even the neighborhood cats like Boris come seeking my attention. Playing with colors and styles will guide you to the summit of fashion creativity.

Polka dot red crop top featuring LOFT ankle floral pants at Trader Joes
Polka Dot Red Top Styled With $4 LOFT Ankle Pants In Front Of Trader Joe's Metairie, LA

Outfit details

1st Outfit

Graphic Tee: MarrowCreative

Pants: LOFT

Mules: Stuart Weitzman

Bag: she

Sunglasses: Armoire Boutique

2nd Outfit

Pants: LOFT

Sandals: Pali Hawaii via Ron Jon Surf Shop

Bag: she

Sunglasses: KREWE

Polka Dot Crop Top: Armoire Boutique

Lip: Kat Von D

Still have questions about styling?

Comment below, I'm here to guide you my grasshopper.



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