My cat went viral on TikTok

... and I still have to pay for his litter.

I rescued my cat from the garden; when he wasn't chasing butterflies he was chasing after my car. We bonded through snacks and many brushing combs later he became Goldie García Manzanares.

My work schedule is hectic so having a pet was out of the question, but cats are a completely different breed. Sleeping and eating are some of their favorite hobbies ideal for the stressed out millennial that I am. What's costly are the visits to the vet and that heavy litter I have to carry up three flights of stairs.

As my obsession with cats grew so did my video ideas for TikTok. I became a TikToker March 2020 at the start of the quarantine with the purpose of sharing to the world my cat lady tendencies. But one FaceTime call changed it all.

I posted a popular cat trend at the time: cat Facetiming PETA for * insert reason.* Many thought my furry pumpkin spice latte had the most hilarious face, and that face became a hit. People got to see what I wake up to every morning and continue to watch till this day with almost 1 million views.

Neither Goldie nor I were able to reach that level of success in social media, but a few gigs came along the way. Strange to see my cat get reposted on major Facebook and Instagram groups, getting DMs consistently, and even copyrighted.

I continue to blog with the on-going challenge of finding my niche. Social media became toxic for a year or two affecting my physical and mental health. Nowadays, I focus on work, self care, and sleeping. I do get FOMO and even lost followers, my goal of earning the coveted swipe up at 10k followers went down the drain.

The biggest life lesson was learning to find the balance between life and social media. I blocked followers that were bots, unfollowed accounts that led me through the rabbit hole of negative self talk, and muted peers I found myself comparing to on a daily basis. Now I am a sometimes content creator and full-time cat mom, basically a 30-year-old millennial learning new ways to cope with anxiety and depression.

Do you engage in negative self talk after using social media?

Share your experience and advice on coping with low self-esteem.

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