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Naked Cosmetics Urban Rustic Trio Palette Review: Unleash Radiance in Every Stroke

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

While I've dabbled with many pressed pigments, nothing has come close to this trio's caliber. Originally snagged through Boxycharm, it's now a steal at $19.99!

Mauve and purple eye look featuring peach blush and dark grape bold lip

Step into the world of vibrant eyeshadows with the Urban Rustic Trio Palette by Naked Cosmetics. Having experimented with it multiple times this week, I was flooded with compliments on my sultry, single-color smokey shadow look.

Features & Benefits:

  • Soft & Silky Touch: The shadows are incredibly smooth, and interestingly, they adhere even better when applied with fingers.

  • Depth in Color: Although they might seem lighter in the palette, these shades manifest darker, adding an element of surprise to your makeup routine.

  • Everyday Versatility: Suited for daily wear, the palette's pan size stands tall next to premium brands.

  • Cruelty-Free Assurance: Above all, Naked Cosmetics champions animal rights. The product proudly wears the 'cruelty-free' badge.

Sarah mariana wearing Naked Cosmetics trio Eyeshadow Palette

About Naked Cosmetics: Established in 2005, Naked Cosmetics was crafted as a Professional Cosmetics line predominantly retailed in Salons, Spas, and Studios. Our outreach also extends through Independent Beauty Professionals. Our unwavering commitment to a cruelty-free product line has earned us membership in the prestigious Leaping Bunny Program.

Understanding the Leaping Bunny Program: This program sets the gold standard for non-animal tested cosmetic and household products. To wear the Leaping Bunny mark, a company must adhere to stringent guidelines:

  1. No Animal Testing: Companies must neither conduct nor commission animal testing on their products, formulations, or ingredients.

  2. Supplier Verification: Companies must ensure their suppliers also abide by the non-animal testing standard.

  3. Monitoring & Compliance: Robust monitoring systems, including supplier declarations and purchase order language modifications, are mandatory.

  4. Global Standards: Companies must not succumb to animal testing mandates of foreign regulatory agencies. They're also required to amend contracts with distributors to reflect this stance.

  5. Annual Commitment: Every year, companies need to reconfirm their adherence to these standards.

  6. Transparency: Based on their sales volume, companies might be subject to independent audits to ensure compliance.

In essence, Naked Cosmetics' commitment to beauty transcends mere aesthetics. By aligning with the Leaping Bunny Program, they also ensure compassion remains a cornerstone of their brand ethos. Dive into a world where luxury meets responsibility with Naked Cosmetics.



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