T.V Show of the week: Narcos

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

A binge watcher worthy of your day off.

Netflix original series Narcos

Netflix has been pouring money into their productions and Narcos broke barriers for the company.

Series based on the notorious drug dealer Pablo Escobar and how the CIA investigated and executed the mission. It shows Escobar's world in Colombia and his relationship with those around him; the CIA rejecting cues and pleas from investigators.

What impressed me the most was the casting. Caracol is shown at the end of each episode, for those who are not familiar some of the biggest novelas came from the broadcasting giant in Latin America. These are real Colombian actors portraying characters and it brings a unique touch to the scenery of Narcos.

The best part, if you used to watch novelas like me, it'll be a scavenger hunt to name the actor and a telenovela you saw that actor in. Maybe a drinking or snack game to contrast the suspense.

Let me know what you did or didn't like about the show.


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