NYFW: A Microinfluencer Point Of View

Many people disregard the terms “blogger” or “influencer,” but when compared to fashion editors we are pretty much microinfluencers.

I blog in real time so maybe I am an investigative journalist or a case study for society, either way I’m here to spill the tea on what it felt like to be surrounded by fashion in the mecca of the industry—New York Fashion Week.

By now you have probably read, in two minutes or less, my blog about how I styled all my outfits and where I got the pieces. Now that we’re dressed, what’s next: coffee, nervousness, and getting rejected at the door.

A Day At Fashion Week

To attend shows you either have to be invited or buy a ticket

Lucky for me I have beer taste on a beer budget so I was invited to all my shows for FREE. The photographers are waiting for THE outfit to shoot, so they peruse and call you out before snapping the photo and uploading it to Getty Images.

Now in line, you’re hoping your name is on the list and present evidence of such. I was turned away from one show because I was on the guest list and no more guests were being accepted (lesson learned: get there early!)

You will wait more in line than actually watch the show. You’ll spot bloggers you’ve stalked on Instagram, think about what your going to eat, and remind yourself that “oh wait I need content because that’s my job.”

An alphabet of seats awaits where stage managers are moving through traffic for an on-time departure. Even if invited you could be moved because a celebrity, at this time you cross your fingers that your seat will be given to no celebrity.

Happy to report that I never had to move from my seat because, you know, I’m kind of a big deal.

After the show you are allowed to take photos and witness the football stand of photographers shooting for their sites and magazines.

You’ll be too hungry to do anything else but eat chopped cheese from a nearby bodega. Then rinse and repeat four more times, or more depending on how many shows you attend.

Fashion week is enjoyed, but for the most part people are creating content and snapping sneak peeks before the public. If you’re invited is because you are on a mission and ready to work.



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