NYFW: Now What?

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

I'm a first time caller, longtime listener of Fashion Week.

Everyday makeup battle between high end products and their drugstore dupes

Less than a year into blogging, I got to travel to the Big Apple for my first New York Fashion Week. I was a guest of a few cool bloggers, and I didn't know to expect.

Less than a week to plan outfits, I debated whether to dress up or keep it casual. It was also in the middle of winter, so anything with heels was not an option.

After looking through my mom's closet and using Rent The Runway, I was ready to board onto my $200 JetBlue roundtrip flight.

Styling for Fashion Week

Reading through blogs the word that always came up was "casual," and that's what I did.

Because it was freezing, I made sure to layer with jackets and wear boots to style all outfits. I had ordered coats from Rent The Runway and bought a scarf from Target.

I mixed textures and neutral tones for my first outfit. Later on, I had some menswear athleisure inspiration to make it high fashion.

What I witness is that there is no wrong answer when it comes to styling; as a matter of fact, a Texas blogger I met said "[...] just grab everything and put it on, you'll definitely get photograph that way."

Two minutes later she was posing for an NYC photographer.

I wanted to stay true to my style and be minimal, but what Fashion Week taught me is to take risks because no one's judging.

My goal is to be photographed, my other goal is to schedule a spa day for a foot massage.

Stay tuned for my blog NYFW: Behind The Scenes of A Budget Traveler.

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