Organizing Makeup On A Budget

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Using all the products on my vanity one rotation at a time.

I have downsized my makeup collections to this, which is still a lot. Sometimes I feel like going full glam, other times I want a no-makeup makeup look.

I will be sharing how to optimize makeup storage on a budget:

Beauty Sponges

I bought this ferris wheel spice rack to store all my beauty sponges. Because it rotates, it is easy to find the sponge desired without spending money on stands that take up precious space from the vanity. 

I replace sponges every three months along with my toothbrush so I don't forget. Get this baby for $15 or less at TJ Maxxx.

Sectioning by product

I picked up this vanity from a retail store that was closing, it used to be a tie rack display with metal dividers. I was able to negotiate and got the furniture for free because they wanted to get rid off items before the lease ended.

I section off my makeup by product: powders, foundation, setting sprays, eyeshadows, primers, nail area, etc. This way I can easily rotate makeup and use up all my products before expiration. I kept my brushes and lip products on the top to easily select a lip color and find brushes when doing my makeup.

Hanging on the rack are hooks for storage being used to store hair accessories. This allows all beauty products to be in one spot.

I prefer an open space design where I can see everything so I am able to experiment with makeup I rarely use. If you prefer to hide items, I would suggest opaque containers with an outside label to reference.

Comment below budget friendly tips to store makeup.



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