Perfect Nails at Home

I'm not making you go to CVS.

I struggle keeping my nails strong and long, one of the many reasons I rely on Apres to help them grow. Gel didn’t last on me until I started seeking professional help and trying out different methods.

Now we are all at home and my Essie nail polish will only last a day, but there is a solution. A local nail shop is making things easier for the average person to follow nail care at home with these kits less than $80.

Introducing the magic of Mad Nails.

The “I can’t do my nails for nothing” Kit

Do you know how to file a nail? Then that’s all you need to know with this kit.

These press-at-home nails take handmade personalized designs to the next level. Starting at $35, Mad Nails gives you details instructions from prep and application to removal because they can be reused.

The “I just want pretty nails” Kit

Don’t care about color just clean shape nails for eveyday? This is your kit.

Includes everything to get your nails to optimal shape from cuticle oil to base coat and file. Upgrade to the next level for it to include pedicure spa sessions with a shiny pair of satin flats.

Aside from these kits they sell natural handmade scrubs and gel removals kits.

Comment below which one you are getting.

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