Pitti Uomo & its Peacocks

The biggest event in men's fashion.

Twice a year in the Fortezza da Basso fills its 100,000 square meters of 14th century walls with an aura of nonchalance fashion history for the editorials.

This Italian showcase in Florence started off as a means to promote Italian designers later developing into the most important trade show for men's fashion. Peacocks lay their heritage styles for photographers while brands plant the seeds for the upcoming season.

The Peacocks

Luxury menswear is outpacing womenswear.

During the four-day-event designer set up trade shows, fashion show, and dandy projects to stand out from the rest. Visitors, mostly men, dress up for the occasion and influence culture of the fair. These men with no boundaries in textiles and colors aiming to wow the audience are known as "peacocks."

Luxury menswear is outpacing womenswear, men are open to being fashionable without antiquated questioning of their sexuality. Peacocks are the vessel to consumers; unlike the New York Fashion Week I attended, Pitti Uomo creates the setting for their peacocks, the images resemble lookbooks not just papparzzi shots.

The global impact of the exuberant plumage through social media led to brick-and-mortar stores to take notice so people like you and I can mimic the Pitti men on the other side of the Atlantic.

There's really not much to say about retail and brands that you can't Google, so here's some pictures... I won't make you read anymore... even though... ok, I'll stop.


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