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Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Still obsessed with cats and coffee, but now I have a YouTube channel.

For three months I quarantined in New Orleans, great time to sleep in and catch up on shows. Nevertheless, a cloud of negativity and anxiety roamed through the city and I was immersed in it. Will I have a job? What will my life look after? How can I care for myself? Will I get sick next?

Layoffs were happening at work, something I am unfortunately extremely familiar with. My career felt stagnant. I was not back to work, my position was in jeopardy, I had no sense of direction for my abilities and went dark on social media.

Did not enjoy posting, became obsessed with TikTok, did not feel creative, and started to feel depressed. I wanted to develop skills as a blogger and visual merchandiser so I began taking courses for brand development. The course did not work out as expected, but I did reflect on what I want to represent as a vessel of fashion and beauty.

I treat my blogs like a career with separate resumes and portfolio, my feed needs to represent things I love, and forget about followers and likes. So I rebranded into a Content Creator for the things I love: supporting small businesses in beauty and fashion. I enjoy seeing the growth and passion to build a business, I have an eye to fill in the gaps of opportunities. As a freelancer, content creation will help business focus on what's important: the product.

So what's the Sarah Update? Find out what is to come for my brand as it grows and develops.


Casual looks for the 9-to-5 professional.

No change here, I am still wearing denim on almost a daily basis with vintage t-shirts. My focus will shift on how to give a second life to the clothing in your closet. My goal is to find local tailors, seamstresses, cleaners, and cobblers that can rebrand your style with adjustments. Support local businesses in a smarter way, creating a healthy financial structure in your lifestyle.


Building the skincare barrier for a flawless application.

Three YouTube channels that inspired my skincare development: Hyram, James Welsh, and Robert Welsh. I struggle with acne caused by hormones and stress, on top of that, the products used were too harsh. I thought I was doing everything right until I visited a dermatologist. He said my acne and inflammation is caused by... NOT WEARING SUNCREEN!

Yes, that greasy thing that always clogged my pores. Come to find the sun damages the skin including inflammation causing acne and scarring. I found a great gel version from the drugstore, but I still had inflammation. I started using micellar water and cleansers to take off all my makeup before treatments. Then The Ordinary changed my life with the serums, few moths later these three channels taught me about double cleansing, ingredient descriptions, skincare barriers, and best practices.

Now I feel comfortable wearing minimal makeup or no makeup at all. I am not afraid of signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles because my goal is to keep my skin healthy and not to age backward. A smooth hydrated canvas leads to better makeup application and I have been getting many DMs about what makeup products I am using.

My next goal in beauty is skincare videos and easy makeup looks. Building confidence and use makeup to be creative with colors and not to hide what YOU consider imperfections. My YouTube channel is just that, in English and Spanish, discussing all things makeup and skincare.


New Orleans Content Creator Sarah Mariana

Content Creator represent what I do best: gather information, analyze consumers, develop ideas, create content. My strength are development of ideas not marketing, creating content for an establish brand, add on to the growth of the business. many weeks of reflection led to the decision of moving toward this and not the influencer world I thought I NEEDED to be part of.

Services are offered through my website for anyone in the U.S. or overseas, I will was most client have come from word-of-mouth so for that I want to thank all my followers and supporters.

The pants are my emoji, the logo, and my top garment... AND THEY'RE BACK IN STOCK. Grab a free pair by signing up for the newsletter to receive the one size fits all denim taking over my feed. This is handmade and designed by Creole Amour Laser, local business owner who I collaborated with a year ago on jewelry. Reached out because my idea seems out of reached and my denim dreams came true, she is a former college athlete and even better mom. So there is a lot of meaning into these business cards than the acrylic can say.

#JustForSarah is personal, the whole reason was to write just for me and not care about opinions. Blogging in real time means growing in real time, two phrases that encompass what I am about as a professional and creator.


What else is to come?

Consistency and quality content instead of posting for the algorithm...

Also, many nail designs and masks for this COVID 2020 season.

#JustForSarah #SponsoredByMe


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