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Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Inspired by the Me Decade, the lookbook features bold prints and stripes against the historique Vieux Carre.

Referencing the print, vibe, and color throughout an outfit allows for a luxe ensemble ideal for photography. 

When styling prints and stripes, select similar undertones to create a cohesive look. They eyes will be drawn to the overall fashion instead of one bold garment overtaking the outfit.

Phase One

Mustard striped paperbag waist suit: Couleur + Blinde

"Knockout" Tee: MIA Boutique

Boots: Roxy

Phase Two

"Tropical Goddess" Tee: Dazey LA

Navy floral pats: Armoire Boutique

Gold accessories: Armoire Boutique


Long sleeve maxi floral dress: MIA Boutique

Gold leaf earrings: Eveille Jewelry

Boots: Roxy

Phase Four

Mustard striped suit jacket: Couleur + Blinde

Mustard skirt: Armoire Boutique

"Visionary" Tee: Dazey LA

Boots: Roxy

Phase Five

"Better Daze Ahead" Tee: Dazey LA

Bell bottom denim: Armoire Boutique

Brown bar mirrored aviator sunglasses: Ray Ban

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