Summer sales: what to get and what to skip

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

The beginners guide to sale racks.

She Metairie retail boutique store from with sales racks

This blog will condense my research into three tips to spot the best summer sales.

Know the store

Does the store fit your brand?
Celeste cotton t-shirt dress at SHE Metairie retail boutique

I visited SHE over the weekend to rack up on sales, why choose them over other stores? I know the quality and style will fit my needs. I'm into band tees and they have a wide seasonal selection; therefore, I have a higher chance to score great deals on staples.

Is it a good sale?

The best sales occur when stores are moving through a large amount of inventory, such as transitioning into Fall.
SHE in Metairie retail boutique brick and mortar store

My goal is to NOT TO LOOK THROUGH ALL THE RACKS. SHE had a "stuff a bag" sale, you stuffed as much clothing into a small bag for $50. I went for items that will fit my proportions and are made with cotton. Narrowing down my options helped me to get the best out of the sale.

Customer Service

Retailers are not personal shoppers, but they should be helpful and courteous.
Champagne, doughnuts at SHE in Metairie retail boutique

Champagne and doughnuts while I stuff my $50 bag? Don't mind if I do. What I like about shopping in small businesses is the customers service. I'm not against malls, but it's overwhelming and they give me anxiety. I rather shop small than large retailers because they have personalized collections, and salespeople that understand my style.

What did I get during my summer sale?

A $476 transaction turned into $50 sale.

**Ok I snuck it a Celestial T-shirt Dress, I couldn't help myself ($40 cotton dress!)

Comment below where YOU will be getting your summer sales.



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