The perfect pair of denim for your budget

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

No secret that a great pair of denim will cost you. Working in retail, I have learned the difference between higher-end and fast fashion. Denim is the most personal piece to fit one's lifestyle, so I'm writing a blog about it.

Here is what to look for when finding that pair of denim that will not rip while getting into the car.


Look for denim with no stretch or less than 3% spandex.

Rigid denim will retain its shape overtime. Recommended wash is no wash at all, but if you must wash do so, inside-out in cold wash and hang dry.

Pictured above is a pair of Universal Thread from Target, priced at $24.99 made out of mostly cotton with 3% Lycra, making it an affordable option for an everyday denim.

Finer Details

If you have to cut off leftover fabric, then pass.

Look at how the denim is sown, especially on the waistband. It dictates the resistance of belt loops and zippers avoiding the most common problem: broken slider.

Pictured above is a pair of denim that has uneven stitching and paneling curved after being worn. This pair is perfect for fast fashion because most styles are seasonal. Even through the pair costs about $60, it is inexpensive compared to a boyfriend denim known for their intricate button fly.

Bonus Tip: Finds consignment shops like Swap Boutique for quality denim. Specialized boutiques analyzed each garment bought for authenticity to then sell them 70% off retail price.


Featured below is a Teen Vogue video with a denim expert.

Should I buy expensive denim?

Depends on you lifestyle, if you rarely wear denim and want to style a trendy outfit save that money. Otherwise, invest in a good pair for work.

The important takeaway is to read the care label instructions, that dictates if the material and wash is something easy to follow or not worth the hassle.



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