Top 10 Foods At Trader Joe's

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Publix will forever be my one true love, but Trader Joe's is a close second.

New Orleans Trader Joes featuring fashion blogger Sarah Mariana

I dress up and get mentally prepared for the challenge that is grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. One thing is for sure, they have the best deals and interesting takes on classic dishes. Next up will be the top 10 foods in no particular order:

1. Moroccan Mint Green Tea: Tastes like regular mint tea

Trader Joes Moroccan mint green tea

Perks: $2.49 and it comes in a clear bag

Pair it with lemon and honey for a sweet treat before work.

Best served in a coffee mug that your mom got you from Florida.

2. Eggplant Hummus: Tastes better than regular hummus

Trader Joes eggplant hummus

Perks: $2.49 and you can't taste the eggplant

Pair it with Beet Crackers for a savory snack while UBEReats brings you dinner.

Best served at a party with your friends so you can brag about working out.

3. 3 Seed Beet Crackers: Tastes like tortilla chips

Trader Joes 3 seed beet crackers

Perks: $1.99, I repeat $1.99

Pair it with Eggplant Hummus for a savory snack after you ate the dinner from UBEReats.

Best served at a party with your family so they can be proud of you bringing an appetizer.

4. Cocoa Batons: Tastes like Tronky

Trader Joes Cocoa Batons

Perks: $1.99 and eating the whole can is only 660 calories

Pair this creamy cookie with your favorite scoop of ice cream.

Best served solo on the couch with your favorite Godfather tee.

5. Mandarin Orange Chicken: Tastes like not-a-frozen orange chicken

Trader Joes yummy mandarin orange chicken

Perks: $4.99 and a cult favorite, get with the program

You don't even have to add the orange sauce because its that good, the crispier the better.

Best served as a dinner for two so you have enough left over for seconds.

6. Cookie Butter Ice Cream: Tastes exactly as advertised

Trader Joes cookie butter ice cream

Perks: $4.49 for a quart.

Pair it with nothing, it's sooooooo goooooood.

Best served with a soup spoon so the ice cream doesn't fall off while binge watching Superstore.

7. Creamy Polenta: Tastes like grits

Trader Joes creamy polenta with spinach and carrots

Perks: $2.99, no need to season this creamy goodness

Pair it with salmon and cauliflower for a high fiber meal.

Best served after Zumba so you you feel motivated to keep working out.

8. Coconut Water: Closest thing to actual coconut water

Trader Joes coconut water