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Updated: Aug 4, 2018

"Kimono sleeve: a sleeve cut in one piece with the bodice."

Yellow, white, mint, salmon, and magenta lightweight kimono features medium wash distressed shorts and black strapless bodysuit

Kimono and open front cardigan can be used interchangeably in fashion. If it's lightweight and used in the summer most people know this layering piece as a kimono. Because most pieces featured are paneled, let's referred to it as an open front cardigan. This is not clickbait! I'm just trying to educate y'all so you can beat everyone at trivia night.

Featured will be five different ways of styling this summer staple.

The Tropical Open Front Cardigan

Tropical outfit with green and navy floral kimono, denim shorts, medium size face earrings and tie front spaghetti stripe crop top

Green will be the highlight of any tropical pattern, style the outfit around the hue. If it's darker pair it with a medium wash denim and black top. Lighter color? wear light wash denim and white top.

The Floral Open Front Cardigan

Black crop top and denim sorts featuring all black sunglasses and light blue multi color kimono

Determine the color you want to highlight from the floral pattern and find a top to match. If there's a second color you're attracted to, find a liquid lip or nail polish that would compliment the outfit. The advantage with florals is that you can experiment from head to toe.

The Striped Open Front Cardigan

Yellow, white, mint, salmon, and magenta lightweight kimono features medium wash distressed shorts and black strapless bodysuit

My favorite pattern of all time: stripes. It can be dressed up for a wedding or dressed down for festivals. No rules here, most stripes can be pair with any outfit from dresses to shorts. Consider stripes the new black and life will be easy. Your homework assignment is to mix patterns, comment below to let me know how it turns out.

The Fancy Open Front Cardigan

Champagne Campaign celebratory tee featuring white denim and green and pink open front kimono duster

A fancy open front cardigan is one with pockets because those are RARE. These are perfect for events given that the pockets can be used to carry business cards or extra snacks. I like to keep the look monochromatic because it looks luxe and professional.

The Leaf Open Front Cardigan

Black crop top and medium wash denim short featuring red orange mirrored sunglasses and white and green kimono

I prefer a leaf cardi over florals any day. The leaf pattern reminds me of stripes (and y'all know how I feel about stripes!). For me this is the perfect pattern to accessorize; add a large hat, funky bag, and cool sunglasses are you're Instagram ready.

Comment with your favorite way to style an open front cardigan.

To see more summer outfit ideas here's a LOOKBOOK to help.



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