Why use Azazie to buy a bridesmaids dress?

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

The day came when I was asked to be a bridesmaid, and my wallet was not into it.

A December wedding was approaching, and a group of bridesmaids needed to order dresses in time for alterations. Will it be cold? Will it be strapless? Will we match? Do I care?

Communicating through FaceTime, text message , and hearsay we started brainstorming. Then the bride had a great idea.

My best friend and bride found a website called Azazie, an online retailer dedicated to creating dresses for a wedding party. You can create a showroom and add dresses for others in the group to see.

Additionally, the retailer allows for a person to pick three dresses to try at home for a reasonable price. I was intrigued and doubtful; nevertheless, I agreed it was the best option for our group.

Try-at-home and swatches

The website allows the customer to buy a measuring tape for a $1 and swatches for $10 or less. The try-at-home option allows for the customer to pick three dresses, each $15 plus shipping, to try on and send back within a week.

The great thing about the try-at-home and showroom is that each one of our group picked different dresses to share via text. We witnessed the feel and fit each dress for the bride to narrow down styles.

This was by far my second favorite feature on Azazie; although, I wish the money spent for try-on garments would go toward the final purchase.

Buying the dress

By creating the group we would be able to see each other's dresses, once everyone agreed we had 24 hours for all of us to place orders. Why? For our dresses to arrive around the same time and the fabric used be from the same roll.

24 hours to gather all professional women to buy a dress seems difficult, but Azazie conviently has an app. In addition, they custom fit dresses for no additional cost-- but it will be final sale.

All the bridesmaids ordered the dresses in August and they arrived at the end of September. By ordering early enough it allow time for alterations and/or exchanges.

Final Reveal

My dress fit to perfection, and no additional alterations were needed. The dress came packaged properly including a hanger and garment bag. Not the fanciest bag or hanger, but the dress traveled well.

I bought style AZ856581, a sleeveless high neck A-line dress featuring pockets and an asymmetrical pleating. No bra needed, fitted enough to wear under a coat, short enough to wear boots, and vogue enough to stash snacks.

I would recommend Azazie to any bridal party that is in a time crunch and wants to be budget friendly. Most styles are $150 or less including free alterations through Azazie. Limited accessories available for the wedding party or any guest wearing a suit.

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