Wind Down With Journaling

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Inspired by My Password Journal and Harriet The Spy

If you find yourself overthinking while driving, you need to journal.

If you find yourself overthinking at work, you need to journal.

It's not about writing all the good things, write about fears and worries.

Why I journal

At first I didn't to re-live bad situations because I thought avoiding them was better.

Now I write until my mind clears up. Whenever I'm afraid of a situation I picture how people would react instead of the worst case scenario. Often times we are too focus on ourselves to realized that we haven't thought about those around us.

Make it special

I buy colorful pens and cool notebooks to motivate me to write. Maybe I'll want to write while sunbathing or around my family because I feel comfortable. Either way, gel pens are there to make your journaling experience memorable... #NotSponsored

What helps clear your mind?

Comment below any suggestions on how you face your fears.



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