Winding Down With A Therapist

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Distraction is a temporary solution, learning what is causing the stress is the goal.

After I got laid off from my previous job, additional stress and anxiety was added to the already rollercoaster of emotions I was experiencing. Having two panic attacks a day prevented me from even driving to the doctor's office.

Eventually, I saw my physician and it was recommended for me to see a therapist.

It's been a year now of weekly appointments and I have learned two things: your mind can't control your body and learning is affected by mental health. I was scared of all my worrying thoughts, but those can be handled through meditation and journaling.

Second, how I was receiving messages and memorizing thoughts was not optimal. I would start a project and get stressed from all the things that need to be accomplished that I would stop. I would start reading a book, and I would stop.

My concentration was affected and I needed to learn new ways to be productive. I was embarrased that I couldn't be as smart or productive as other students in college, but I shouldn't have imposed their studying methods onto mine.

I discovered that my two biggest senses in learning involved my hands and eyes, I need to see and do activities.

What is the purpose of today's blog?

To let everyone know that seeing a therapist is about learning how your brain works in order to be productive everyday.



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