Winding Down With Rose Quartz

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

The tool to de-puff and de-stress.

My morning routine is short and sweet until I start to brush my teeth. All this cortisol when I wake up makes me worry about all the things I have to do, then I start stressing.

Well, I discover this local shop called Mindful Rituals on Prytania Street through Instagram and saw the tool I always wanted to try.

The Facial Roller

The second cheapest investment in relaxation since meditation.

I bought the rose quartz facial roller for the purpose of de-puffing the eye area, the salesperson told me to refrigerate the tool for a cool effect in the morning. For better results, it was recommended to use twice a day morning and evening. I became obsessed with my rose quartz using it after serums and during migraines. It massages the inflamed areas of the face to promote circulation, and boy does that feel good!

Here are some other places that carry similar facial rollers to mine.

How do you Wind Down?



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